• Student FAQs 
    What is an Atlanta Virtual Academy course like?

    Atlanta Virtual Academy courses work like face-to-face classes. Students complete lesson activities, homework, class discussions, and tests at their own pace, while being monitored by a teacher. Teachers are available to AVA Initial Credit students throughout the entire length of the course. Credit Recovery students have access to a content teacher during their school day. Unit Recovery students can ask their classroom teachers for help.The primary difference in the courses is that the course activities happen over the Internet. Students must log in daily. This requires students have access to a working computer and an Internet connection. If courses or units are taken during the school day at school, the school will provide a lab and computer. If courses or units are taken outside of the school day in addition to the regular schedule, the student is responsible for their own technology.

    Are there any face to face meetings?
    No, AVA courses are 100% online.  
    Who do I contact if I am unable to log in or I do not know my login username and password? 
    First, try your Network ID and Lunch Number. If that does not work, contact your counselor.

    When can I drop my AVA course?

    During the Day students CAN NOT drop their AVA course. 
    Beyond the Day students may request to drop before the drop date listed on the application.  

    How often do I have to log in?

    Students should login daily if they can. Since you set your own pace, you can schedule your work load according to your pacing guide. Just remember, if you are not working at on target, you will not finish your AVA course or units before the end of the semester.

    Are accommodations made for students with IEPS's or 504 Plans?

    Yes. Georgia Virtual School will not discriminate against any qualified individual on the basis of disability. It is the responsibility of the home school to ensure that the system meets all requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504. The current Individualized Education Program or 504 Plan must be provided to Atlanta Virtual Academy by the local school system. Atlanta Virtual Academy will follow all applicable provisions in the IEP or 504 Plan. However, there may be some provisions that can not be implemented. In such a case, the home school must determine whether Atlanta Virtual Academy is an appropriate placement. 

    How many AVA Initial Credit beyond the day courses can I take online each semester?

    Students can take one AVA beyond the day course per semester.

    Can I take AVA online courses in Middle School?

    If approved by your counselor, middle school students can take Personal Fitness and Health the summer prior to the start of their 9th grade year, and with approval, 8th graders may take Algebra I.

    Can I withdraw from my AVA virtual course?

    Students can withdraw from their virtual courses with approval of their local school counselor.  Withdrawal must be made prior to the stated withdrawal date listed on the application. Please contact your counselor to be withdrawn from your virtual course. Please note, During the Day students CAN NOT withdraw from their AVA course. 

    What are the technical requirements?

    Please click this link (Technical Requirements) to view the AVA technical requirements.

    Do AVA courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements?

    AVA Initial Credit courses meet NCAA requirements and are NCAA approved. AVA Credit Recovery courses do not meet NCAA requirements. NCAA DOES NOT accept Credit Recovery courses.
    How does a student or parent communicate with the teacher?

    Atlanta Virtual Academy Initial Credit course teachers are available to talk to students or parents via email or telephone. The Virtual Academy Program Manager and teacher maintains contact with someone at the student’s school and/or a parent to provide updates on progress and discuss appropriate support and encouragement if a student appears to be falling behind.
    AVA Credit Recovery students do not have a teacher attached to their course. Parents and students should contact the school counselor for questions.AVA Unit Recovery parents should contact the students classroom teacher.

    How are grades and credits reported at the end of the course and semester?

    Atlanta Virtual Academy grades are reported through Genius and Infinite Campus. AVA Initial Credit and Credit Recovery final grades will be posted on the student’s transcript. AVA Unit Recovery final grade will be substituted in Infinite Campus for the replacing unit of study.

    Who teaches the AVA Initial Credit online courses?

    All online teachers are Georgia certified teachers and are teaching or have taught in the subject area. The Atlanta Virtual School courses are taught by Atlanta Public School teachers.

    Who can take online courses and units?

    Online course opportunities are offered to 7th-12th grade students enrolled in the district.

    What type of activities do you do in an online class?

    Online courses are more than just reading material and completing online quizzes. Students are expected to complete a variety of projects demonstrating their ability to apply the skills learned.

    What courses are available to take online?

    Click here to see the list of courses.

    How do I enroll?

    Enrolling in AVA starts with the student counselor for AVA Initial Credit and Credit Recovery and the student's classroom teacher for Unit Recovery.

    Is there an orientation?

    AVA program includes a virtual orientation through Edgenuity. This orientation will give you information about navigating Edgenuity.

    Do I need a computer?

    During the day students will be able to complete coursework at school during school hours. If you are taking AVA courses that are not within the school day, or are enrolled in Unit Recovery, you will need a laptop or tablet to complete your course or units.

    How do I access the course?

    Credit Recovery students and Unit Recovery students should log-in here: https://atlanta.learn.edgenuity.com . Initial Credit students should log in here: www.atlanta.geniussis.com. Students will use their Network ID and lunch number to login to their online course.

    Are online course grades calculated in my GPA?

    Yes. If a student does not drop the course by the designated drop period, the grade received will be posted to the student's transcript, calculated in GPA at the appropriate weight, and in class rank.

    How are grades reported?

    Your final grade will be available in Edgenuity, unless you are completing an EOC course grades will be posted in Infinite Campus as soon as the scores return.  

    Can I start and stop my online course at any time?

    No. Consider your course "self paced with deadlines". You decide when you work on your course, but you must make progress on your course every week.

    Are online courses harder or easier than face to face courses?

    Neither. Online courses must meet or exceed the same state standards as traditional courses. All AVA courses are evaluated for rigor to ensure the standards are met. Distance learning courses require different study skills, which may make the course harder, or easier, depending on the learner.

    How are text books issued?

    Most materials for the online classes are in an electronic format and accessible in the online environment. With the exception of AP courses which require a textbook.