• Welcome Students! 

    Atlanta Public Schools offers students grades PreK -12 the opportunity to take online courses, during the school day while enrolled in their current home school. Students are able to take any course offered by AVA, however all courses must be approved by a local school counselor or designee prior to enrollment.
    AVA programs are designed to allow students and their families flexible learning options to meet their educational needs. By providing more opportunities to achieve educational success, the Atlanta Virtual Academy is looking to change the outcome for many and provide a means to better, brighter futures for APS students.

    Atlanta Virtual Academy offers 2 programs and 3 types of courses for Atlanta Public School students:

    AVA Full-time
    AVA full-time students are able to complete coursework 100% online and do not report to their home school but work remotely.  

    AVA Part-time
    AVA part-time students are able to complete middle or high school courses during the school day or after school hours. 

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    Course Options
    AVA Credit Recovery
    AVA Credit Recovery (AVA CR) provides an opportunity for students to retake a high school course in which he/she previously was not academically successful in earning credit towards graduation. The AVA Credit Recovery program allows students to gain mastery in standards in which they are deficient. Students are provided with a pre-assessment and then provided instruction based on standards that have not been mastered. AVA CR Students will not be assigned a content teacher, but if working during the school day, students will have access to a virtual classroom with a content teacher for questions. Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded credit for the course. Note: For this option, student's previous final grade of 69% or below must be posted to their transcript before registering.
    AVA Initial Credit
    AVA Initial Credit (AVA IC) is for students who are taking elementary, middle, and high school courses for the first time, students who need to retake a course, or athletes (AVA Initial Credit courses are NCAA approved). AVA Initial Credit is also an option for students interested in getting ahead. The AVA Initial Credit program provides a similar experience to students face-to-face classroom experience since students have an assigned content teacher for their course. Students also have access to a virtual classroom that includes video capabilities, a whiteboard, computer sharing and chat capabilities. Depending on their assigned course, students taking Initial Credit courses can access their teacher for questions during the school day or after school hours.

    AVA Lesson/Unit Recovery
    AVA Unit Recovery (AVA UR) provides middle school and high school students an opportunity to master the content and recover a unit or lesson, within the current Fall and Spring semesters. Students can recover unlimited units, in multiple courses, at the same time. Unit Recovery is available while taking a face-to-face course at the students home school. Classroom teachers assign students virtual units to complete during non-school hours. The previous failed unit grade will be replaced by the recovered unit grade for the course.