Ms. Glover
  •  Ms. Keosha Glover, Ed.S ~ ProfessionalSchool Counselor

    Ext. 6324


    I always knew I wanted to work with youth in some capacity. It has always been a goal for me to assist at-risk youths, and young people in general. As a school counselor, I have the opportunity to work with young people and make a difference in their lives, while assisting them in navigating high school and preparing for the real world beyond high school.


     As a School Counselor/Educator:

    *I place a high value on parent involvement. 

    *Community stakeholders are a great resource for our students and their families.

    *Every student has a voice, and it is my job to listen.

    *Post-secondary planning begins at middle school level, and with the assistance of the school counselor, teachers, administration, and parents as a unified team. "It takes a village".