• Forrest Hill Summer Programming


    The Forrest Hill Academy Power Up Enrichment Program is a Problem Based Learning program with a primary goal of interweaving literacy and math standards through a student-centered pedagogy where students collaborate to solve real-world and community based problems. Our secondary goal is to equip students with the knowledge to develop healthier eating habits through gardening while offering a mix of academics and enrichment.


    Please Note: 

    Transportation is available to students living in pre-determined boundaries from their Power Up Summer Program host sites. The Atlanta Public Schools transportation policy dictates that bus stops are placed outside the shortest 1 mile navigation of elementary schools, and 1½ mile navigation of middle and high schools.  Students living less than the 1 mile or 1 ½ mile boundaries are assigned to the walk-zone. Read important walking safety tips here.
    For all transportation questions and concerns, contact the APS Department of Transportation at Transissues@atlanta.k12.ga.us or (404) 802-5500.



    Program Schedule: M-F, 8:30am - 2:30pm

    Begins June 4, 2018

    Contact: Tonya Sims (HS), tsims@atlanta.k12.ga.us   |   Chuantra Merrell (HS), cmerrell@atlanta.k12.ga.us