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    The following programs are available district-wide to any APS student meeting the registration criteria: 

    Xanadu Gifted and Talented Summer Camp

    Fine Arts [High School Students]

    AP / IB Summer Boot Camp [High School Students]

    SMSEA [High School Students]

    CTAE [High School Students]


    Please Note: 

    Transportation is available to students living in pre-determined boundaries from their Power Up Summer Program host sites. The Atlanta Public Schools transportation policy dictates that bus stops are placed outside the shortest 1 mile navigation of elementary schools, and 1½ mile navigation of middle and high schools.  Students living less than the 1 mile or 1 ½ mile boundaries are assigned to the walk-zone. Read important walking safety tips here.
    For all transportation questions and concerns, contact the APS Department of Transportation at Transissues@atlanta.k12.ga.us or (404) 802-5500.



     Xanadu Gifted and Talented Summer Camp [at the former Coan MS site]

    Xanadu is a summer enrichment program for gifted and high achieving students. Xanadu teachers take academic content and turn it into fun and exciting ways for students to be enriched while still enjoying the sunny days of summer! Students are allowed to select their courses which are focused on academics and fine arts/athletics.

    For more information, and to register, visit the Xanadu webpage here.

    Program Schedule: M-F, 9:00am - 3:00pm

    Begins June 4, 2018



    Power Up with the Arts for High School Students [at Grady High School]

    PowerUp with the Arts offers creative art-making for students in grades 9-12 during weekly sessions in June. Whether interested in music, dance, visual art, or theatre, campers will have fun as they create and explore. Experienced arts educators and local guest artists will teach a variety of media and skills while providing a standards-based context.



    Program Schedule: M-Th, 8:30am - 3:30pm

    Begins June 4, 2018



    AP / IB Summer Boot Camp for High School Students [at Grady High School]

    Students will be engaged in curriculum activities that align with CollegeBoard’s English Language Composition, US History, Human Geography and Biology Advanced Placement courses. AP/IB Bootcamp will also include IB Approaches To Learning Sessions related to: 1) Research and Writing, 2) Oral Communication and Presenting, 3) Reading To Understand; and 4) Organization Time Management, and Study Skills. The eight courses will be taught in a format to support AP and IB curriculum standards. All courses were selected based on APS graduation requirements, past number of credits earned, and past participation rates of students on AP and IB Exams. AP/IB course specific units are designed to enhance academic skills and approaches to learning that ultimately result in an increase of the number of students earning high school credit and scoring 3 or higher on an AP Exam or 4 or higher on an IB Exam in May 2019.


    Program Schedule: M-Th, 8:00am - 3:30pm

    Begins June 4, 2018


    SMSEA Camp for High School Students [at Grady High School]

    The Science and Math Summer Enrichment Academy (SMSEA) is a program that is designed to provide students with additional flexibility in their secondary experience as they complete one math or science course for a full high school credit during the summer. This allows room in their regular schedule for higher-level course work and Advanced Placement classes in their program of study. Through student-centered instruction, which integrates gifted strategies with hands-on activities for 3-Dimensional learning, students will engage in a rigorous learning environment where they can demonstrate mastery of mathematics and science standards.



    Program Schedule: M-F, 8:00am - 4:00pm

    Begins May 31, 2018


    CTAE Camp for High School Students [at Grady High School]

    Students will be exposed to a sample of engaging activities that align with the culinary arts, information technology, audio/video technology and film, law & justice and graphic design Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) pathways. In addition to daily activities, students will explore the pathways through weekly field trips. The planned field trips allow the theories learned to come to life.”


    Program Schedule: M-Th, 8:00am - 3:30pm

    Begins June 4, 2018