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    Jean Childs Young Middle School’s (JCYMS) Extracurricular/Student Engagement Department exists to offer collaborative, competitive, instructional, and recreational opportunities for students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. 

    Involvement in the JCYMS’s extracurricular/student engagement opportunities is strictly voluntary. If anyone has questions or concerns, please contact Nicole Evans Jones @ 404-802-5900 or


    Jean Childs Young’s Athletics and School Clubs are dedicated to providing students with rich co-curricular programs which encourage students to grow as individuals, collaborators, and leaders by experiencing the importance of participating in a group and/or team. Our school clubs and athletic teams foster commitment and loyalty to teamwork, school pride, leadership, acceptance, cooperation, sportsmanship, and fair play.


    Jean Childs Young’s Athletics and School Clubs strive to be all-inclusive in providing access and opportunity for student leaders and athletes; engage its coaches and school community in a review of regular department offerings and best practices; coordinate with its community partners and cooperating schools; and place greater emphasis on inclusion, citizenship, collaboration, sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle habits, and safe exercise protocols.


    • Athletics and clubs are all-inclusive
    • Participants are student-leaders
    • Participants remain in good academic and behavioral standing
    • Sponsors and coaches are highly trained in extracurricular field and restorative practices
    • Sponsors meet all local and federal background check requirements
    • Club members participate in ONE extension activity per school year


    JCYMS clubs exists to promote and develop interests in recreational, instructional, and competitive activities. More information regarding Young's clubs is forthcoming, stay tuned to this page!

    At this time, all APS middle school sports are on-hold until further notice!

    JCYMS athletics will be governed by the school’s Athletic Directors (ADs), Coach Scott and Coach Carr.  ADs Scott and Carr will ensure all District requirements and trainings for coaches, parents and students are met.  Seasonal parent meetings (Fall, Winter, and Spring) for the purpose of clarifying student and parent obligations, the try out process, securing physicals exams, etc., will be held in the school’s media center. Additionally, opportunities for pre-participation sports physicals will be available to students on the campus of JCYMS, well in advance of the Fall, Winter, and Spring athletics’ seasons.JCYMS ATHLETIC OFFERINGS, SPONSORS, AND SEASONS