• The Carver Early College follows the APS Dress Code.

    In addition, Carver Early College maintains a Uniform Policy for scholars who are not yet dually enrolled. The Uniform Policy (and APS Dress Code) is enforced Monday through Friday.


    Uniform Policy for Non-Dually Enrolled Scholars

    Acceptable Tops: 

    • Collared, polo-style, shirt in a school color (does not have to have Carver logo). These can be purchased at a number of stores such as Walmart and Target. See school colors below.
    • Carver Early College sweatshirt
    • Carver Early College spiritwear t-shirt

    Shirt Colors by Grade:

    9th Grade-Black

    10th Grade-White

    11th Grade-Gray

    12th Grade-Maroon

    How to purchase Carver logo polo shirts and Carver logo sweatshirts:

    CEC polo-style collared shirts and sweatshirts can be ordered by completing the Order Form. The Order Form is available in the Carver Early College main office or it can be downloaded using this link.

    Acceptable Bottoms:

    Khaki, black, or grey pants or skirts made of cotton or denim.


    Uniform Policy for Dually Enrolled Students

    Dually enrolled students must follow the APS Dress Code and must wear their Dual Enrollment lanyard visibly around their necks at all times.  


    Blue jeans

    Pants with rips or tears