Volunteering with APS

  • In January 2013 the Atlanta Board of Education adopted a new administrative regulation that requires each school to conduct screening of volunteers, and requires all volunteers to have on file with the school a completed Volunteer Release Form, which must be submitted with a copy of a government-issued photo ID.  The new regulations also require schools to identify volunteers by level of access to students.

    Visit the APS site for details. The levels are:

    Level 1 Volunteers: Non-district personnel who will have no direct interaction with students, for example, an individual making copies in the media center.

    Level 2 Volunteers:  Non-district personnel who will have direct interaction with students with either an APS employee or two other adults present at all time, for example, crosswalk dads and those staffing the school store or chaperoning a dance.  For level 2 volunteers, school personnel will access the Georgia and federal sex offender registry websites to run background checks.

    Level 3 Volunteers: These volunteers are non-district personnel who will have direct, unsupervised interaction with students, for example, chaperons for the grade level overnight trips to Rock Eagle and Jekyll Island.  Level 3 volunteers must be fingerprinted by the district and have GBI/FBI criminal background checks on file prior to service,

    If you are currently or will be a volunteer at Inman, please complete the Volunteer Release Form (copies are available in the office as well) and return it to the front office or your child’s homeroom teacher with a copy of your government-issued photo ID.  The staff of the front office can also copy your ID. Copies of these forms will also be available in the homerooms at Curriculum Night.  If you plan to be a chaperon on one of the overnight field trips, the cost of the GBI/FBI background check is $44.25 and must be paid by money order. Thanks for helping us keep our students safe!

    Volunteer Child Abuse Training