Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Charice Chever

Charice Chever is the STEM Program Specialist at Boyd Elementary in Atlanta, she works with teachers to develop a curriculum to shape the minds of children, to encourage and empower students to go after Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education. Innovation and creativity are where STEM is born, and it is the blood that runs through Ms. Chever’s bones. She desires to continue to seek avenues to create programs and opportunities to further STEM-related jobs and education. Ms. Chever has earned many awards, grants, and accolades including Atlanta Public School Science Ambassador, Institute on Neuroscience Teacher at Georgia State University, U.S. Naval Academy STEM program participant ad K-12 STEM Innovation Summit Presenter. She wants to take her talents to new levels and as science evolves, she desires to grow. “Never stop learning”, is what she repeats to anyone who listens. The more a person knows the more powerful he/she becomes. Knowledge is a person’s best weapon to advance the STEM initiative.

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