• BPA Virtual Learning Schedule

    Daily Schedules for Virtual Learning – One of the biggest differences you’ll notice during virtual learning this fall is the consistency across grade levels and teams regarding content and the amount of time students are “with” their teachers online.  The district has determined start and end times for each grade and we’ve crafted our BPA plan based on that guidance.  Here is a framework for the learning day. 

    Pre-K = 2.5 hours of virtual instruction per day

         Grades K-1 = 3 hours of virtual instruction per day, & up to 30 minutes of independent practice

                                 8:00 to 11:00

    Grade 2= 4 hours of virtual instruction per day, & up to 30 minutes of independent practice

                                 8:00 to 12:00

         Grades 3-5= 5 hours of virtual instruction per day, & up to 40 minutes of independent practice

                                 8:00 to 1:00

    **NOTE- we realize this is a lot of seated screen time.  Teachers will build in brain breaks and opportunities to get in some movement and wiggle time.  

    Note from Principal White:

    Our Virtual Learning “school day” will begin at 8:00 for all students. We will start with Morning Announcements, hosted by yours truly, to recite our pledges, practice our Spanish and celebrate birthdays, etc… then we’ll roll right into Social Emotional Learning time.  Just like during regular school. 

    Specials” will be included in Virtual Learning this fall.  Students will have 30 minutes of Art, Music, PE, or Spanish each day.   **NOTE – Students will not need to log in to different ZOOMS for this.  The Specials teachers will pop into the classroom ZOOM sessions as guest hosts. 

    “Daily Read Alouds with Mr. White and Dutch” – many have asked about whether or not I’ll continue my daily read alouds on FB Live.  Yes and No.  I’m going to pre-record these read alouds and push them into the same YouTube channel we’ll use for morning announcements.  This way, teachers can use the read alouds within the context of their virtual learning day or provide the link as a follow up activity after their school day ends. In addition, the Library Media Specialist, Nancy Mullins, will be also be recording read alouds, geared for Pre-K-2nd grade, and posting them on YouTube. You can access the storytimes here


     Lunch Status Changes – You have likely heard some of the scuttle about changes in the way kids receive meals at BPA this year.  For the past 5 years, we’ve been a Community Eligibility Program, CEP, school.  This has made mealtime super easy as it meant every kid could eat for free at breakfast and lunch.  However, as our community continues to change over time, we no longer qualify for CEP.  So, our families will need to click through a quick application link to qualify for Free or Reduced Price Meals this year.  Students will need to either qualify for free/reduced price meals, bring lunch from home, or pay for their meals using an app called “My School Bucks.”  Find out more, Apply for Free/Reduced price meals, or Pre-Load your child’s meal account by visiting atlantapublicschools.us/nutrition.


    Uniforms and Virtual Learning – It may be useful in your household to insist that your students wear their BPA gear for virtual learning.  I totally get that and support your right to make that decision.  For my purposes as principal, I am not requiring students to be in uniform for virtual learning. They should, however, be fully and appropriately clothed. 

    Some Things we Learned in April/May

                    -Consistency really matters, for everyone.

                    -Students benefit from having a consistent “work space” while learning from home

                    -If you’re wondering about school supplies, look to your classroom teacher. Just ask.

    -Headphones are super helpful to cut out ambient noise distractions for kids learning at home and they can lower the noise level for other children and adults in the home.


    Thank you very much,



    We appreciate all of the feedback from the BPA Virtual Learning Satisfaction Survey. The summary of the results can be read HERE. Thanks so much again for all of the rich and detailed feedback!