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    One of our school wide initiatives is to increase inquiry based learning at Parkside.  Project Based Learning  (PBL) is designed to help students learn and practice the skills they will need for college, career, and life success. 

    • PBL is a teaching method that seeks to motivate students, help students meet standards, and do well on tests that ask students to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and thinking skills
    • PBL also encourages and allows for teachers to use more creativity in their instructional strategies, encouraging a more kinesthetic learning environment inside and outside of the classroom, with increased exposure to outdoor learning. 
    • PBL units usually begin with a driving question/inquiry for students to investigate over an extended period of time, with the focus connected to authentic real-world issues. 
    • One of the GREATEST aspects of PBL is that the expectation is to involve parents, citizens in our community, and people from many backgrounds to share experiences that relate to the standard that is being addressed in PBL, as well as to increase students, speaking, viewing, and listening abilities through student presentations. 

    Questions & Volunteering:  If you have any questions, or would love to volunteer to assist with PBL at Parkside, please contact, Dr. Alexander, Assistant Principal.


    This school year the focus of project based learning will be within the social studies and science content areas.


    • Fourth grade will be completing a Solar System garden project!  Parents are welcome to assist!!!  Project presentation:  October 2nd. (contact Mr. Hugley)
    • Gifted class will be presenting their presentation to parents entitled, “Alien Invaders” on September 25th 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. in the media center!  Don’t miss it!!!  How will they survive on that planet???
    • Kindergarten class will focus on Citizenship on September 14th at 12:15.  Students will interview the custodial staff during a presentation.  Students will clean the school grounds as their project.
    • September 21st- Have you ever heard of a screencast-o-matic recorder? Google slide? Mr. Gusta’s third grade students will present a Georgia Habitats Power Point and share a Major Landforms brochure to parents! Great technology collaboration with Mr. Timothy Farmer, our Educational Technology Specialist.
    • September 28th-First grade students will present their social studies museum from 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. First grades focus is America the Beautiful!  They will share patriotic songs!
    • October 5th-Kindergarten Presentation:  People in Our Neighborhood/Community Helpers.  Community Helpers will set up informational booths in the media center.  Kindergarten students will take a gallery walk around to the booths, dressed as the careers they desire to be when they grow up.
    • Fifth grade is planning their project that will align to the presentation provided by Georgia Power on August 21st.
    • Second grade is working on their MOVE IT project!
    • Ms. Weekes, Ms. Henderson, and Ms. Cantu, our specials teachers, have collaborated with grade levels with the implementation of PBL as well as projects in their classrooms.
    • BIG SHOUT OUT to District Coordinators in Science and Social Studies for their collaboration with Parkside Elementary!!!  Staff PBL planning day is September 25th!