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    At APS, we believe students deserve educators who can do more than teach the basics. They deserve leaders. Innovators. Role models. Experts with a track record of excellence to help them achieve their college and career aspirations.

    We are hard at work ensuring our students have everything they need to succeed - from a culture of inclusivity and trust to a challenging learning experience that spark their curiosity and love for learning. We are on a journey of transformation and our data shows it!

    <Graphic - APS has the second-highest percentage of schools that Beat the Odds when compared to other metro-area districts>


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    Why teach at APS?

    Grow in your craft - At APS, you will receive multiple opportunities to grow within the teaching profession. You will receive on-going coaching from instructional leaders committed to providing content-specific feedback.  In addition, core content teachers will have structured opportunities to collaboratively plan for upcoming units, rehearse upcoming lessons and analyze student data to inform re-teaching. Finally, APS’ commitment to rigorous curriculum means you will have strong curricular materials to draw from to challenge your students and yourself.

    Lead through career pathways - Great teachers at APS have multiple opportunities to extend their impact beyond their classroom. Teacher-Leader roles- such as grade level chairs, recruitment ambassadors and expert PLC leaders - offer top teachers opportunities to utilize their strengths to impact more students while receiving valuable professional development opportunities. Teachers interested in pursuing leadership roles, can apply to participate in APS’ innovative Aspiring AP and Aspiring Principal programs.