• HEALing Community Center/Chris180
    Care Center at
    Hollis Innovation Academy

    Offering primary pediatric care and basic dental care to ALL children in the APS community

    “Reduce illness and increase learning”

    Care Center Hours
    Monday - Friday    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Appointments only on Fridays after 1:00 PM

    Dr. Livingston, Pediatrician
    Monday Wednesday Friday

    (Children only)

    Dr. Daphne Blakley, Physician's Assistant
    Tuesday Thursday

    (Children and Hollis Staff)

    Please call for dental hours

    Contact Information
    404-564-7749, secondary phone number

    The Care Center is a separate entity than the APS school nurse and documents filled out in the beginning of the school year. Care Center staff work in collaboration with Hollis to treat students and staff.

    Our goal is to advance the health and success of the students to keep them actively engaged at school and not at home.

    Studies have shown in-school health clinics can lead to lower absenteeism, emergency room use, and Medicaid costs.

    Parents are involved every step of the way! Parents are invited to participate in their children's appointments via phone or in person.