What is Mastery?

    Content Mastery addressess whether students are achieving at the level necessary to be prepared for the next grade, college or career. This component includes achievement scores in english language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

    How did we perform?

    We recieved a 45.5 which is 20.8 points higher than we recieved last year.

    What is progress?

    Progress measures how much growth students demonstrate in English language arts and mathematics and how well english learners are progressing towards English Language Proficiency. The English language arts and mathematics indicators utilize Student Growth Percentiles (SGP`s) to measure how much growth students demonstrated relative to academically similar students. English language proficiency measures whether students are improving within a performance band or moving up to another performance band, thus moving towards English language proficiency. 


    What is closing the Gaps?

    Closing gaps sets the exspectation that all students and all student sub groups make improvements in achievement, which are represented by improvement flags , and it provides an opportunity for schools to demonstrate the progress made in improving student performance among all student subgroups.

    How did Fickett perform on closing gaps?

    We closed 100% of our gaps

    School Climate

    What is School Climate?

    The School Climate Star Rating is a diagnostic tool to determine if a school is on the right path to school improvement. The rating is based on four componets:

    1. Student, teacher, and parent perceptions of a school`s climate
    2. Student discipline
    3. A safe and substance-free learning enviroment
    4. School-wide attendance

    How is Fickett perform on climate?




    College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI)


    Elementary School Score



    Last year we were at an 58, we have increased our students chances to be college and career  ready. We are so excited about our future!