• Mission / Vision Statement


      Developing inquiry, knowledge, and character: every student, every teacher, ever leader, everyday.



      To graduate students who are productive, caring, life-long learners



      The vision of Maynard H. Jackson High School is to be a school of excellence preparing ALL students to successfully live and compete in a global economy.

      The mission of Mission of Maynard H. Jackson High School is to be accountable for providing a globally competitive education that empowers students to achieve academic and personal goals and to become productive, responsible citizens for the 21st Century.


      We believe that the purpose of education is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for each student to become a contributing member of society. Furthermore, we believe it is the responsibility for every faculty member in a school to respond with respect and concern to the changing needs of all students.  Therefore, student backgrounds must be considered and all students accepted as valuable individuals.  Our school will provide an environment that is safe, clean, orderly, and conducive to learning.  Cooperation and open lines of communication among faculty, students, parents, administration, and all stakeholders are essential for student achievement.  The school and community should form an alliance that benefits the students.  As a responsible institution promoting democracy, the school fosters involvement of all its member groups.  Remember, we believe in Equity, Access, and Opportunity for ALL.

      Core Educational Values

      • The belief that each student must have the opportunity to obtain high levels of achievement in order to reach their full potential.
      • The belief that lifelong learning is shared by all stakeholders, students, parents, family, teachers, administrators and community in the responsibility and accountability for performances and outcomes of our students.
      • The belief that students should be challenged to become life-long learners through self-evaluation and higher-level thinking.
      • The belief that technology plays a new and greater role in our curricula; therefore all students should be given opportunities to develop necessary skills to meet the changes in our society’s technological growth.
      • The belief that desired behavior should be encouraged by all stakeholders.



      • To develop effective life skills through critical thinking and rigor in areas requiring writing, reading, and mathematics.
      • To help students achieve qualities of leadership and to provide experiences that help them acquire good habits and attitudes necessary for assuming their responsibilities in the school, home and community.
      • To provide all students opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies and opportunities for hands-on experiences.
      • To help students form realistic career plans and develop a basic foundation of knowledge which will enable them to adapt and function in a changing technological environment.
      • To promote education and learning as a life-long process.
      • To provide opportunities for students to develop their interests, abilities and talents.
      • To insure that our school is safe, orderly and conducive to learning.
      • To place students in classes so that they may best realize their potential.
      • To help students recognize the knowledge and skills necessary to become intelligent consumers, producers and conservers.
      • To show students that with every right guaranteed in a democratic society there is an equally important responsibility.
      • To foster motivation by setting obtainable short and long term goals in a cooperative effort of teachers, students and parents.
      • To help students appreciate the uniqueness of their own heritage and to develop awareness of and tolerance of other people’s cultures.
      • To present lessons in a manner that accommodates various learning styles and ability levels.