School begins at 8:00am.  Students should arrive at school by 7:50 am via bus, carpool or walking to avoid going to the office to receive a tardy slip.


    School ends at 2:30 pm.  Children should be picked up via bus, carpool or walking no later than 3:00 pm.


    Bus:  Buses drop off and pick up students at the main entrance of the school.  For Bus route information, please call the APS Transportation Department at (404) 802-5500.



    Walking:  Walkers enter the main entrance of the school.  In the afternoon, walker pick ups will proceed to the music room exit door located on the playground side of the building.  Walkers will be dismissed to the music room to be picked up. 


    Carpool:  Cars participate in carpool behind the school.  Cars drive to the back of the school, curve to the left, and wait in line by the flagpole.

    Morning carpool – 7:35 am until 8:00 am.  

    Afternoon carpool – 2:30pm until 3:00 pm.  Parents will need to announce on the PikMyKid app or know their student number to move quickly through the line.


    Cars DO NOT drop off students at the main entrance prior to 7:50 am. 


    There is NO PARKING in front of the main entrance.  This is a fire lane and you may be towed.  We understand parking is crowded for school assemblies and conference days so we ask that you arrive in plenty of time to find parking, be respectful of neighbors' driveways and most importantly park legally.  Thank you!