• The Social Studies Department of Benjamin E. Mays High School is committed to providing rigorous and engaging learning experiences where students and parents are encouraged to explore the complexities of history and the challenging, yet rewarding, responsibility of authentic civic participation. The Social Studies staff presents with a wealth of experience and aims to teach historical thinking skills while engaging students through inquiry based learning, problem-based and project- based applications of content, and opportunities for experiences beyond the classroom.

    The Social Studies Department offers the following courses: GSE American Government, GSE World Geography, GSE World History, GSE US History, and GSE Economics. We also offer a rigorous Honors and Advanced Placement program, which offers seven AP courses. The following AP courses are offered through the Social Studies Department, AP Human Geography, AP Government, AP World History, AP US History, AP Micro Economics, AP Macro Economics and AP Psychology.

    In an effort to expose our students to authentic learning opportunities, the Social Studies Department has partnerships with Street Law, Youth Entrepreneurship GA and WE AP Service Learning.