Greetings from CTAE!

  • The Benjamin E. Mays High School  Career Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Department integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational skills to prepare students for post-secondary education and the workforce.

    Our goals:

    - To prepare  Mays students to compete in a global and technological society

    - To prepare students to enter and meet the needs of a high demand and high skilled workforce

    - To prepare students for post-secondary options without the need for remediation

    - To prepare students to become self-directed and lifelong learners

    - To develop socially conscious students

    Our Career Pathways have three to four specialized courses developed to provide students rigorous core elements, performance standards, and skills necessary after high school graduation to go straight into the workforce or choose college/university, or the military for additional training. Each career pathway provides students with the necessary tools to be successful at the next level of their educational career. CTAE at Benjamin E. Mays High School offers students 7 career pathways within the 17 Georgia Career Clusters

    Financial Literacy - Ms. Bateman

    BioTechnology - Ms. Thornton

    Sports Medicine/ Exercise Physiology - Ms. Simon

    Engineering - Ms. Boone

    Mrs. Powell - Business Management

    Ms. Haynes - Entrepreneurship 

    Graphic Design - Mr. Marable

    Audio Visual Technology & Film - Ms. Somerville

     Career Technical Instruction - Ms. Lewis