• Meet the TAG Family



    Ms. Sterling and Ms. Trimble



    Ms. Anderson, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Clinkscales, Ms. Davis, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Lane, Ms. Parrot, Ms. Swanson, Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Wilson


    1st Grade

    Ms. Allen, Ms. Boyd, Ms. Dorsey, Ms. Hill, Mrs. Johnson and Ms. A. Williams


    2nd Grade

    Ms. Andrews, Mrs. Denson, Mrs. Swaby-Bell, Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Williams


    3rd Grade

    Mr. Archibald, Ms. Barlow, Ms. Baskins, Ms. D. Bowden, Ms. Jenkins, Mr. Lockhart and Ms. J. Williams


    4th Grade

    Ms. Battle, Ms. N. Bowden, Ms. Kakoszka, Mrs. Marshall-Lindsey, Mr. Moses and Ms. Rackston


    5th Grade

    Ms. Bussey, Mr. Darville, Ms. Davis, Dr. Joseph, Ms. Russell, and Ms. Wells


    Exceptional Children (K-5)

    Ms. Henry (SELT), Ms. Lewis, Ms. Perkins, Mrs. Storey-McClendon 



    Mrs. Weems- Principal: ymartin@apsk12.org

    Dr. Sharpe- Assistant Principal: nsharpe@apsk12.org  

    Mr. Pitts- Assistant Principal: mpitts@apsk12.org

    Ms. Miller-Main Office Clerk: 404-8450 

    Mrs. Coe-Watson, Parent Liaison: 404-802-8463


    Support Staff: 

    Ms. Scott-Counselor: 404-802-8469

    Mr. Mitchell-Social Worker: 404-802-8450

    Ms. Gibbs-Behavior Specialist: 404-802-8450