• Accelerated Reader (AR)

    We will be using the Accelerated Reading (AR) program to encourage children to read and take AR quizzes.  Students will earn points as they read and take AR quizzes.  The points will add up to prizes at every grade level.

    Each month Dr. Waller will come around to give children prizes for reaching each benchmark.   The top scorers in each grade level will win a trip in a limo with Dr. Waller to Barnes and Noble for a book shopping spree!

    See our Reading Incentives Here!

    We want to create a culture of reading in our school and develop a love for reading in our students!

    To find Accelerated Reader books go here

    AR Tests may only be taken at school.  The children are given ample time throughout the day and are also free to reach out to Ms. Boston to eat lunch in the Media Center to be able to take AR Tests as well.