Part Time Program

    Enrollment for the Fall 2023 is Open

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    Atlanta Virtual Academy Part Time Enrollment Goal

    The AVA Part-Time Program provides students with total flexibility and choice around their learning through an augmented online experience as part-time students enrolled at any Atlanta Public Middle or High School.

    Program Overview

    As a program of Atlanta Public Schools, the Atlanta Virtual Academy (AVA) has partnered with APS' traditional middle and high schools to offer all APS middle and high school students an augmented online experience during or beyond the school day. AVA Part-Time students must be enrolled in an APS middle or high school to participate in this program. The cost structure is as follows: courses are available free of charge to APS students enrolled at a traditional campus; however, there are associated fees for Atlanta Public School students enrolled at charter and partner schools. 

    Part-Time AVA courses are those offered in conjunction with students’ regularly scheduled courses at their home schools. These courses can be delivered in two ways:

    1. “During the Day,” which indicates that time has been reserved in the students’ schedule to work on their course(s) at school, during the school day.

    2. “Beyond the Day,” which indicates that in addition to a full schedule at school, students are enrolled in a course that is expected to be completed after school hours during their free time. Students are limited to taking only one Beyond the Day Initial Credit course per semester unless it is a Credit Recovery course.

    Through technology, we connect parents, teachers and students and allow students 24/7 access to their courses. AVA's certified teachers provide instruction and online communication to assist students with their learning. Parent oversight and involvement are critical for the part-time virtual student. Students can take all their core, world language, AP, CTAE and elective courses online, in their school building, or anytime, anyplace, anywhere outside their school building. Online learners are most successful when they are highly motivated, disciplined, organized, flexible, and willing to troubleshoot.


    Live Virtual Learning Center Hours (LVLC)

    AVA offers all part-time-time students additional assistance within the virtual classroom.

    Hours: Teachers set their own office hours. See “Teacher Information” tab once logged into Genius

    Access Link: Each teacher has a web address.  See “Teacher Information” tab once logged into Genius


    Parent & Student Expectations

    When a student selects the AVA part-time model, parents must are provided information which outlines the expectations.

    These expectations include but are not limited to:

    ·        Parents will agree to the established AVA intervention strategy. If students are not progressing successfully, we implement a multi-step protocol of intervention.

    ·        Parents will agree that if a student continues to experience difficulty, to meet with AVA counselors to discuss the transition back to face-to-face instruction.

    ·        Students will agree to make adequate weekly progress in all assigned courses

    ·        Students will agree to adhere to all school disciplinary policies related to academic integrity and dishonesty in the academic setting.


    Final Grade and EOC Testing and Scheduling

    A part-time AVA student is scheduled for semester-long courses. If it is an EOC course, students will be scheduled by school personnel to take their Milestone exam. AVA part- time students follow the same testing guidelines and testing calendar as outlined by the district.