THES Distance Learning

  • Welcome to the Thomasville Heights Elementary School distance learning hub. Parents and students will find links to teachers' virtual classrooms, staff contact information, staff office hours, and answers to frequenty asked questions about our approach to distance learning here.

    Google Classroom

    Our entire team has migrated to Google Classroom for the duration of the distance learing time. Please see the links below for information on how to access Google Classroom.



    Daily/Weekly Schedule

    Please see the graphic below for a sample daily/weekly schedule as you work with teachers and students during this unprecendented interruption to a normal school schedule.

    Guidance for sustained distance learning suggests that K-5 students receive no more than 3 hours of schoolwork per day. The schedule below reflect this guidance.

     Sample Schedule

    Please note that the schedules were developed to accomodates families with multiple children who may be required to share a device and is only posted as a suggestion. Families should always feel free do what works best for them.

    Grading and Attendance

    Teachers and other staff members will be reaching out to you or your student via phone, text, email, google classroom, or social media. Weekly attendance will be counted when contact is made. If your contact information is out of date please contact the school secretary, Ms. Robinson or school clerk, Mrs. Satterwhite via email:

    • Ms. Robinson:
    • Mrs. Satterwhite:

    Grades will be counted as students particiapte in Google Classroom and/or as they interact with their teachers via one of the above mentioned methods. Please note that the final grading period will count as remidiation/enrichment due to access issues for some families. No student will be penalized due to access challenges beyond their control during the COVID19 shutdown.

    Hard Copies

    We understand that even though we provided devices, internet access may be inconsistent or non-existent for some families. In order to address this and still maintain the safety of staff, Mr. Miles and Ms. Nunn will be on campus every Monday from 8am to 4pm during the school closure to provide hard copies of work for families who cannot otherwise access the instructional materials in teachers' Google Classrooms. 


    1. Is the parent center open during the COVID19 closure? No. The parent center is closed for the duration of the school year.
    2. When can I begin to return hard copies of student work? You may begin to return hard copies of work on 4/20/2020 in the main office.
    3. How do I get in contact with my child's teacher? Please find the contact info from the appropriate staff member by visiting our staff directory.
    4. What do I do if my child needs help with their work? In addition to the staff directory, all teachers hold weekly office hours. Times are located here

    If you have any further questions or concerns, you may email Mr. Miles or Ms. Nunn directly. 

    • Mr. Miles - Principal -
    • Ms. Nunn - Dean of Students -