Week 5: April 13th-April 17th

  • Please see the update food resource guide below with some additions/changes. We've added food pantries and Chris180 is doing grocery deliveries 2 times per week.
PBSA Food Resource Guide

Week 2: March 23rd-March 27th

  • This week, buses will begin delivering food along the Price and Sylvan Middle School bus routes between 11:30 and noon. This includes the Villages of Carver, Amal Heights, and Joyland.  This is available to all students, not just middle school students. Please check the APS coronavirus website for specific times or see the picture below.
    Also, see the flyer below that details where families can get food.
PBSA Food Distribution

Week 1: March 16th-March 20th

  • Please see the list below for organizations that have food pantries and other resources available to you.

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