• Logos & Brand Guidelines

    The ERES brand is one that is constantly evolving. Our brand is not just our logos, spirit wear and other visuals. Our brand is comprised by the IB attitudes our students, staff and parents share with the community, and the diverse experiences happening on our campus. All of our Brand Assets are available for download here. Separate downloads
    of specific files are available by clicking on the logo below (different versions of each logo is available in that logo’s download).

    ERES_Lion_riversE_blueBG   ERES_LionHead    ERES_1cHead

    ERES_1cLionLion_Reversed    ERES_wideLockup_white         
    Strong, consistent visuals and proper brand management elevate a brand. If you need to use or create visuals for     your class, club, event, or items related to your event, please read these visual guidelines outlined below and pay strict attention to logos, color and typefaces (fonts). Here is a PDF with examples of visuals that use our Brand Visuals correctly and in a variety of ways.
    If you need artwork created specifically for your event, just ask. Brand guidelines, logos, typefaces (fonts), proper colors and artwork-set up for your suppliers are available. Please do not proceed with producing any artwork (even if you are picking up from a previous year) without having it approved. 
     ERES should not incur what is called an ‘Artwork Set-up Fee’. Often vendors will grab a logo from our website and charge a fee to ‘redraw’ it as a VECTOR logo. We have all these — and the capability to create additional ones. The PTA can talk-the-talk to your supplier — don’t hesitate to ask. This is an easy way to save funds. (And keep our identity pristine.)
    Proper use of typography (fonts) is important to any brand for legibility and consistency. Please follow the guidelines for your font choices. Our primary typeface is Akzidenz Grotesk. Our secondary typeface is Georgia and available preloaded on all machines. Please DO NOT USE Comic Sans or other “casual” style typefaces (i.e., Chalkboard, Papyrus, Hobo, etc.). Such typefaces may be chosen to indicate “friendly” appearances but were not designed with legibility or space in mind.
    Along with image and typography, our colors were chosen with contrast in mind. It is that contrast which make our car magnets recognizable and legible in the middle of Atlanta
    traffic and our T-shirts visible across a soccer field. 4-color process is the preferred method of producing E. Rivers artwork. When spot colors are called for (generally spirit wear), the Pantone® Matching System Colors (PMS) shown below should be used. Please note, specific holidays can be flexible. See attached images for examples of appropriate variations.
    colorsBLAST ​
    Our previous Lion was drawn by former E. Rivers parent Julie Barnes (still a local preschool art teacher). In 2009 we streamlined Julie’s original sketch and vectorized it for ease of reproduction. The Paw has been phased out because it was clip-art, and is too similar to the logos of other local schools. The Lion face should NOT appear darker than its outline. If you have a question about a DO or a DON’T just ask.

    Don’t use a light outline on a dark faced lion.


    This is the proper way to setup a lion on a dark background.


    Please do not outline a lion in white. The lion face should never appear darker than the outline.

    If you have artwork requests, questions, or feedback, please email me: