Who is my child’s teacher?

    Your child’s teacher will be certified elementary AVAJr. teacher employed by Atlanta Public Schools. Teachers from specific elementary schools can not be requested.

    Will there be “Connections” (Art and PE)?

    Yes, Art and PE Connection classes will be incorporated throughout the curriculum with the guidance of the Gifted Department.

    Will the students be grouped by school in their virtual classes?

    Class enrollment will be determined by the interest level. Students will be combined with students from other schools throughout the district. 

    What is the daily time commitment for students in AVAJr.?

    • Grade K-2~Daily Instruction - Not to exceed 4 hours (240 minutes) 
      • Daily Independent Practice - Not to exceed 40 minutes 
    • Grade  3-5~Daily Instruction - Not to exceed 5 hours (300 minutes) 
      • Daily Independent Practice - Not to exceed 40 minutes

    What type of support should parents expect to receive from the AVAJr. staff? 

    Families will be provided with constant communication from the teacher, mentor, and other support staff when necessary. 


    What is the teacher-student ratio for Pre-K-5?

    The student teacher ratio for K-5 is 30:1. 

    Is AVA able to accommodate students receiving gifted services?

    The curriculum will incorporate gifted standards in all subject areas as well as include gifted resources within the curriculum.

    Are there live classes every day? Are students required to attend the live sessions/classes?

    Yes, there will be both asynchronous and synchronous sessions. Students are required to attend.

    Are accommodations made for students with IEP's or 504 Plans?

    Yes. AVAJr. will not discriminate against any qualified individual on the basis of disability. It is the responsibility of the home school to ensure that the system meets all requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504. The current IEP or 504 Plan must be provided to AVAJr. by the home school. Atlanta Virtual Academy will follow all applicable provisions in the IEP or 504 Plan. However, there may be some provisions that can not be implemented. In such a case, the home school must determine whether Atlanta Virtual Academy is an appropriate placement.

    How can I receive additional information on AVAJr.?

    You may contact Natosha Holley at nholley@apsk12.org.