• Mary Lin Elementary

    5th Grade Team

     Mrs. Brooks, Mr. Chestnutt, Miss Lavin, Ms. Partridge
    Fifth grade is a transition year filled with many new challenges and responsibilities.  A strong parent-teacher partnership and parent involvement will greatly enhance your child's fifth grade year. Please feel free to contact us at anytime regarding your child's success in school. We will work very hard to do what is best for each child.   If you wish to speak with us, please send a note to school with your child and we will contact you at our earliest convenience. From 7:45-2:30 we may not be able to speak with parents as we are devoting our time to our children. We can already tell that this is going to be a great year and we are very excited about this opportunity to work with you and your child!
    Goals for Our Classrooms...

    ·         To give your child the academic tools they need to progress to Middle School.

    ·         To provide a supportive learning environment.

    ·         To have fun while we learn.

    ·         To make new friends and discover new interests.

    ·         Recorded daily in agenda which should be checked and signed by parents every night.

    ·         Updated daily on the Homework Link

    ·         Consequence- Student will receive a fine and money will be deducted from their class checking account if homework is not completed.



    ·         9 week report cards

    ·         Periodic Progress Reports

    ·         Academic Alerts will be sent as needed to inform you of missing work


    Late Work Policy


    Late work will not be accepted after 5 school days.  The highest grade for a late assignment is a 80.  Work not turned in after 5 school days will not be accepted and will count as a zero.  ALL work is expected to be completed on time.


    Absence Policy


    Students will have 3 days upon returning to school to complete assignments missed while the student was absent.