Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  •  1. Who should I contact if I am having technology issues?


    2. What is the plan for meal service during the distance learning period?

    • Families will need to visit to create an account to order meals for the week for each student.
    • Meals can be picked up Mondays from 2pm – 4pm beginning August 24, 2020.
    • Meals can be picked up from Price MIddle School OR in Forest Cove Community by rental office.
    • Meal orders MUST be placed a week in advance or else they will not be prepared or delivered to the chosen pickup site.
    • If you miss your pickup day/time, please contact Ms. Nunn.
    • 678-210-1492


    3. How do I log onto zoom from my iPad?

    • Students can click on the link provided for Zoom or log in through the Zoom app with the log in information.
    • Students and families can follow the Zoom Log In for iPad document for guidance.


    4. How do I update my information in Infinite Campus

    • Parents/Guardians should update information through their Parent Portal Account. Parents/Guardians can log into Parent Portal at
    • If you do not already have a Parent Portal account, you can sign up at
    • In order to sign up you will need your child’s student number (found on student report card/progress report), last four digits of child’s Social Security Number and Parent Portal Activation Key.
    • Parents can look up student’s activation key on the registration page.
    • Parents have the ability to sign up for all children in the household in one session.


    5. Who should I contact if my child can’t log on to OTUS?

    • Contact the child’s teacher.


    6. If my child is sick and won’t be able to log on for class, who should I contact?


    7. What if my child needs school supplies?

    • There will be a monthly pickup schedule for school supplies. The schedule will be communicated via your child’s teacher(s) and via social media


    8. Will the school be open to the public during distance learning?

    • The school will not be open to the public during the distance learning period per APS guidelines. This includes the parent center and main office.
    • The main office will be fully staffed during normal business hours to answer questions.