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  • The C.L.U.B.House is your one-stop shop for a safe place and support space. Here you will find your Counselors, Student Support Teams, Social Worker, Student Advocates, and Graduation Support. Please see below for links to each section of the C.L.U.B. House. 


  • This section is where you will find your COUNSELOR (Mrs. Carter) and your COLLEGE & CAREER ADVISORS (Ms. Mincey & Ms. Bullock). Please click on the links above to access their webpages for important information about school, registration, and college/career planning. 

Learning Support

  • This section of the C.L.U.B. House is committed to supporting your in all of your learning needs. Here you will find the Student Support Team who provide student learning interventions, testing & advocacy, ESOL support, and aid for those with student disabilities. Please click on this link to access the Student Support Team


  • This section of the C.L.U.B. House is for that little extra help when you need someone to turn to in confidence. From our magnificent Social Worker to our efficient Community In Schools Advocate, you will find someone to help you when you need anything. They can help you from little things like school supplies to big things like clothing and shelter. Don't be afraid to reach out. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!! Click here to access the SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER (Ms. Chatelah Brown) or the school CIS ( COMMUNITIES IN SCHOOLS) LIAISON (Ms. Mullins). 

Breathing Space

  • WellSpring Living   


    The Youth Academy (YA) is a program of Wellspring Living working in partnership with Atlanta Public Schools to remove social barriers and improve attendance while students work toward the goal of graduation.  The YA provides counseling, support groups, and personal development classes; creates fun exploratory opportunities (e.g. art workshops and field trips); and assists school staff in providing targeted social and emotional support to students. Click Here to learn more and connect with our staff!