• Accelerated Math & Science 


    For Rising Sixth-Graders

    All rising sixth graders are eligible to qualify for accelerated math.  The district has identified 4 criteria and students must meet all four to be eligible for Accelerated Math.


    District criteria:

    • Fifth-grade math average of 90 or higher
    • STAR Math percentile rank of 87 or higher
    • Qualifying score on the Mathematical Disposition Rubric
    • Georgia Milestones Fifth grade Mathematics’ rank of Distinguished.  * For the 2020 – 2021 school year, The Georgia Milestones was replaced with a test administered by District Mathematics Coordinators.  Students must score Distinguished.


    Students who are new to the district, the alternatives can be exercised

    • A score for the Mathematical Disposition Rubric is not applicable
    • A different documented standardized test score can replace the Georgia Milestones


    For Seventh and Eighth Graders

    Starting Summer 2019, the district has created a summer program, Level Up Summer Math Academy, for highly motivated students who don’t meet the initial criteria.  The Office of Mathematics invites students by use of data to attend their intensive math academy to fill in the standards for students to qualify for accelerated math.  Attending the summer program does not guarantee admittance into the accelerated pathway; students will be tested at the end of the program and meet the minimum score for students to receive a recommendation into the accelerated pathway.




    6th- grade year

    7th-grade year

    8th- grade year

    On Grade Level Pathway

    Mathematics 6

    Mathematics 7

    Mathematics 8

    Accelerated Pathway

    Accel 6/7A

    Accel 7B/8

    Algebra 1


    Each semester, students on the accelerated pathway are evaluated for best placement.  Students not meeting the continuing criteria will be scheduled for the on grade level math course.   It is important to note that Algebra 1 has an End of Course test which is 20% of the students' overall second-semester grade.  Eighth-grade students who take Algebra 1 are also required to take the on-grade Math 8 End of Grades Mathematics Georgia Milestones Test.



    For additional details, families can reach out to Dr. Jason Patterson, the Atlanta Public Schools’ Mathematics Coordinator at Jason.patterson@apsk12.org.  Additionally, the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at David T. Howard Middle school is Ms. Sarrita Allen; she can answer questions specific to David T. Howard Middle School. Ms. Allen’s email is sjallen@apsk12.org.


    For Rising Eighth Graders

    All rising eighth-graders are eligible to qualify for High School Physical Science.  The school has identified 5 criteria and students must meet four out of the five to be eligible for High School Physical Science.


    • Average of S1 and S2 Seventh grade Math Score 87 or higher
    • Average of S1 and S2 Seventh grade ELA Score 87 or higher
    • Average of S1 and S2 Seventh grade Science Score 87 or higher
    • 7th Grade Spring STAR Reading PR 73 or higher
    • 7th Grade Spring STAR Math PR 85 or higher

    *PR is Percentile Rank


    It is important to note that eighth-grade students who take High School Physical Science will take the on grade Science 8 End of Grade Science Georgia Milestones Test.  The Gifted Contact at David T. Howard Middle school is Ms. Jessica Hughes can be emailed at jhughes@apsk12.org for questions related to High School Physical Science.