• Return and Learn Phase 2


    APS Protects  

    Air, Water, Buildings and People Protective Measures  

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    The district’s goal has always been to strive for a return to in-person instruction as soon as the public health data indicates that it is safe for students, teachers, and staff to return to school buildings.  From the start, our Facilities Department has been diligent in cleaning, sanitizing, and preparing our classrooms and buildings for in-person teaching and learning. Some of these efforts include:

    • Cleaning and sanitizing our schools and buildings*
    • Deep Cleaning, which involves cleaning and disinfecting surfaces within classrooms and high touch areas. In addition to the hand cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, misters/foggers are deployed during the deep cleaning process.
    • Adding hand sanitizing stations in common areas
    • Installing wall-mounted sanitizer and paper towel stations in each core classroom
    • Adding disinfectant towels in each classroom
    • Increasing pre-occupancy and post-occupancy HVAC run times from two hours to three hours
    • Initiating a weekly water flushing plan during building low occupancy periods
      • The District conducts water testing to determine how effective our water flushing measures have been.
    • Conducting high touch common area wipe downs for at least two cycles daily and monitoring hand soap and paper towel stocks throughout the day
    • Conducting facility wipe downs during nightly cleaning
    • Implementing restorative cleaning operations post-COVID-19 exposure
    • Taking water fountains offline and installing water bottle coolers
    • Utilizing deep cleaning of facilities when students and staff are not present in buildings
    • Adding response protocols for facilities impacted by COVID-19
    • Implementing visitor protocols to APS facilities
    • Limiting the use of APS facilities by outside organizations


    * Learn more about the chemicals we use to clean our buses and facilities by clicking on each for a detailed description:

    ZEP Spirit II Disinfectant - Spartan Disinfectant - Betco ph7Q Disinfectant - Betco AF315 Disinfectant - Buckeye Eco Neutral Disinfectant - Bioesque Surface Disinfectant


    As part of the district’s Phase II reopening plan, we have implemented several safety protocols to prepare for the return of our students and staff:

    • Requiring the use of masks and other personal protective equipment in school buildings
    • Procuring personal protective equipment for students and employees to use when in buildings
    • Placing public health signage in our buildings
    • Adding screening measures and temperature checks


    Also, social distancing will be critical for any face-to-face instruction:

    • Students and staff will wear masks while in the classroom
    • Markings and signage are posted on floors and walls to ensure that students and employees remain six feet apart
    • Adjustments will be made to seating and desks, when necessary
    • In-person class size will be reduced
    • Staggered release will help with classroom transitions
    • Public health guidelines will be followed for the assembly of students in common areas