Open Enrollment Information from HR

  • Complete the following prior to the beginning of OBE on October 19, 2020

    1. Review your Current Benefits and Dependents

    Using Google Chrome, access the Lawson Employee Self Service Portal using the following web address:

    • Click Globe Icon 
    • Click BOOKMARKS
    • Click BENEFITS
    • Click CURRENT BENEFITS (to review your current benefits)
    • Click DEPENDENTS (to review your current dependents) 
    1. Verify your SHBP Username & Update your Password

    The State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) Enrollment Portal password expires every 45 days. We STRONGLY ncourage all employees who have not accessed the SHBP Enrollment Portal in the past 45 days to access the SHBP Enrollment Portal to update their passwords.

    Follow these directions for SHBP Username and Password updates:

    • Access the SHBP Enrollment Portal at
    • Click ‘Forgot Your Username or Password?’
    • Follow the prompts to receive Username and/or Update Password
    • Call SHBP at 1-800-610-1863 if you are unable to reset your Username or Password online
    • Be sure you remember your SHBP Username and your new SHBP Password
    • Login using your Username and current SHBP password to verify the changes

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