• Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Do your part. 

    In this extraordinary time of a pandemic, we are responsible for ourselves and each other. We will work together. We will rise to the occasion. We will take necessary steps to keep each other safe. And we will not put ourselves or others at risk.

    As we plan to Return 2 Learn this fall, we all will embrace and adapt to new practices for our children's learning environment. At the core of these practices is protecting the health and safety of every campus community member, both students and teachers/staff. To do so, all members of the Springdale Park Community are expected to take an active role in promoting the safety, health and wellbeing of every person on SPARK campus. That means abiding by all health and safety directives from federal, state, local, district and school officials through the fall 2020 semester and beyond and encouraging others to do the same. We will all do our part to keep ourselves, our neighbors, and our entire SPARK community safe during these times.

Student Pledge

    • I will maintain 6 feet of distance from others. 
    • I will keep my hands and feet to myself. 
    • I will wear a mask while I am at school daily. 
    • I will wash my hands regularly and clean any surfaces I touch. 
    • I will help my parents monitor my health daily by letting them know when I don't feel well. 
    • I will follow all new school rules at SPARK. 
  • Pledge

Community Pledge

    • I will wear a mask or face covering while on campus. This is inclusive of walking my children to and from school as well as dropping my children off in carpool line.
    • I will understand that I am not able to visit my child or volunteer within the school building. 
    • I will wear a mask or face covering off campus where social distancing measures cannot be maintained.
    • I will avoid traveling when ever feasible.
    • I will adhere to all directives and Springdale Park guidance if I, or my child, needs to be quarantined or isolated.
    • I will not allow my child to attend face to face classes if he/she is exhibiting any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, are awaiting test results, or test positive for the virus.
    • I will fully and honestly participate in contact tracing.
    • I will encourage others to follow these guidelines.
    • I will follow any new directives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Public Health, and School district. 

Teacher/Staff Pledge

    • We pledge to support students in maintaining appropriate social distance.
    • We pledge to wear our masks daily. 
    • We pledge to support students daily with reminders on protective measures to keep everyone safe. 
    • We pledge to educate students on correct handwashing techniques. 
    • We pledge to provide students with ample time for effective handwashing.
    • We pledge to give students opportunities to engage with their classmates safely.
    • We pledge to give students opportunities for outdoor learning and fresh air.
    • We pledge to provide an engaging educational experience in both a virtual and face 2 face settings. 
    • We pledge to communicate with parents to keep you informed. 

Shared Pledge

    • The safety of our community is a shared responsibility, and my actions can put myself and others at risk. I understand that whether or not I take this pledge, failure to comply with these directives may result in students, teachers or staff members becoming exposed to COVID-19 and could potentially result in Springdale Park temporarily closing contingent upon contact tracing and district guidance. 

    • We recognize that some students with disabilities, in order to live and learn safely, may need to modify some aspects of this pledge.
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