COVID Readiness Team Members

COVID Readiness Team Updates

  • 10-16-20 - COVID Readiness Team Update 2 
    The MES Covid Readiness Team met on October 14 for a status check-in. Principal Sofianos updated the Team on teacher telework applications. Current applications, which are based on current requests only, are being processed by APS Human Resources. The majority of MES telework applications are still pending. She also reiterated the student intent to return responses that were communicated the previous day, with 40% of students electing face to face as of October 26th (total of 334 students), with the remaining 60% remaining virtual as of October 26th by election or not submitting their intent (8%).  Specific numbers by grade are included in Principal Sofianos’ blog post on the MES website.
    Principal Sofianos and the MES Administrative Team continue to meet and plan. They are continuing to speak with leaders at other APS schools, as well as Atlanta area private schools that have successfully reopened without incident to determine current best practices that can be applied to MES.
    Leadership informed the Team of the current budget, including APS, MES, PTA and Foundation monies. The PTA and Foundation are excited to work together with the Team to fundraise for any additional needs beyond the current budget.  
    Each of the Workflows provided updates of what they have accomplished and what they are currently working on. Workflow teams are prioritizing implementing APS guidelines as well as exploring additional risk mitigation for MES.  Leadership is working on finalizing dates by which Workflows need to finalize their deliverables.

    10-12-20 - COVID Readiness Team Update 1 
    The MES Covid Readiness Team had its first meeting on 10/7 and will continue to meet every Wednesday hereafter.  The Team is tasked with maintaining an environment of high quality learning while minimizing health risks for students and staff.  The Team will utilize Atlanta Public School’s required framework, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Georgia Department of Public Health data, and Team members’ expertise to create and implement policies and procedures within the October 26 timeframe.  The Team is subdivided into six workflows based on Team members’ expertise, with each workflow including at least one teacher and/or staff member.

    • The Health Workflow is focused on health, safety and prevention for staff and students;
    • The Cohorts Workflow is focused on maintaining students in groups with minimal cross contact;
    • The Flow Workflow is focused on moving students and staff safely within the facilities throughout the day;
    • The Facilities Workflow is focused on maximizing the use of the facilities in a manner that supports APS’ framework;
    • The Learning Structures Workflow is focused on best methods and equipment for allowing teachers to deliver high quality learning no matter where the student or teacher is physically located; and
    • The Communications Workflow is focused on documenting and communicating final policies and procedures.

    Each committee is expected to establish metrics to define success, and has started meeting and working both virtually and at MES @Inman in order to meet the October 26th deadline.  

    Parents, teachers and staff may provide input and ask questions on this Google form.                  .  
    We look forward to a risk reduced return to school and continued virtual learning that maintains MES’ high standards.