• Our Staff Soar

  • Donors Choose When you create a project on DonorsChoose, you become part of a trusted 21-year-old network of educators, teachers, donors, foundations, and corporate partners who are all passionate about education. The power of this community has allowed us to make a huge impact.

    Our CSKYWLA Faculty and Staff have made a huge impact on our Scholars. Our staff has received multiple fully-funded projects from Donors Choose. We want to highlight those teachers who go above and beyond using Donors Choose. We are honored to congratulate the staff below. Drum Roll, please... Donors Choose Recipients for SY 2020-2021 


    • Audrey Potter
    • Cleopatra Warren
    • Drenita Williams- Garner
    • Germaine Brown
    • Kasola Rogers
    • Kaywana Stewart
    • Latanya Farrar
    • Laura Pena
    • Marie Box-Barnes
    • Sabrina Grund
    •        Wendy Feldman