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     AJC article written in response to CSKYWLA's STEM Certification. 




    CSKYWLA Students Take Virtual Visits to Paris and College Campuses


    Despite COVID-19, students and staff at Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy recently embarked on new adventures by virtually traveling to Paris, France, and participating in college campus tours. Led by travel guides on a walking tour of 'Black Paris' on Oct. 28, students experienced parts of the French culture directly influenced by African Americans like Josephine Baker and other artists and writers. During the tour, students saw the Eifel Tower light up in real time with sparkling lights at the top of each hour, and "visited" the Luxembourg Garden and Luxembourg Palace, Montparnasse Cemetery, and the Jean-Paul Sartre / Simone de Beauvoir tomb, among other sites.


    Also, on Nov. 11, students attended virtual tours of several colleges and universities as part of Atlanta Public Schools’ College and Career Motivation Week. The student tours serve as an opportunity to hear from college admission officers and view various institutions of higher learning around the United States.


    "Our virtual field trip to Paris was unforgettable, and I even learned a lot," said French teacher and Paris native Madame Sabrina Grund. "Our tour guide, Monique Wells (of Wells International Foundation), took us to places and areas I knew less. She did not focus on the typical very touristy Paris, but chose to share with us "Black Paris,” which was very interesting and I'm sure contributed to our students’ enthusiasm and curiosity. Although I am the French teacher, I had no idea that so many of our girls would get so excited about a 'virtual' trip to Paris! They were very engaged, very curious and eager to learn."


    LaTarsha Mills-McKie Ed.S, middle school counselor and social emotional learning liaison, agreed.


    “The virtual excursion to Paris was a spectacular opportunity for our girls and will leave a lasting impression, and the college tours were impactful and informative,” she said. “Hopefully, we will see some of our Lady Eagles soar to one or several of those colleges in the fall when they begin their college experience.”


     CSKYWLA is featured along with our very own Class of 2020 Valedictorian, Ms. Lauren Hester!   



    CSK is recognized in the AJC  

     An all-girls school in Atlanta is the state’s first to form a chapter of the National STEM Honor Society. 




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