APS Continental Colony Elementary School

Charter & Partner Schools

  • Charter Schools

    Charter schools in APS are authorized by the Atlanta Board of Education and the State Board of Education. The first APS charter school – Charles Drew Charter School – opened in 2001. There are 18 charter schools in APS as of the 2019-20 school year.  The Office of Innovation conducts a charter petition process each year, reviewing requests to establish new charters or renew existing charters that are coming to term and then makes recommendations to the APS superintendent regarding the viability of each charter request. 

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    Partner Schools

    Partner schools represent one strategy to achieve APS’s commitment to quickly transform low performing schools and provide a high quality education to Atlanta’s students. Partner schools are neighborhood schools whose management has been transitioned to a qualified non-profit organization and who are accountable to the Atlanta Board of Education for results defined in their contracts.  The first partner school –Thomasville Heights Elementary School – transitioned to management by Purpose Built Schools Atlanta in August 2016. There are 6 partner schools in APS as of the 2019-20 school year. Each partner school serves all students in the district’s defined attendance zone for the school and enrollment is open to any student living within that zone.

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