• Toomer Elementary School Always Needs Volunteers!
    Volunteering is an important activity that helps our students/your students and Fred Armon Toomer Elementary School.
    Volunteering is an important part of our student's education.
    Educating Toomer's Students Takes Everyone!
    Volunteers can be...
    • Parents/Guardians
    • Grandparents
    • Family Members
    • Interested Community Members
    • Businesses
    • Community and Business Partners
    All volunteers are asked to:
    1. Enter the building through the main entrance.
    2. Use the doorbell to gain entry into the building, after 8:15 a.m..
    3. Proceed directly to FATE's main office.
    4. Complete and/or confirm you have a "Volunteer Release Form" on file in the front office, along with a government issued ID.
    5. Sign-in in the main office, in the Volunteer Sign-in Book.
    6. Obtain and wear a yellow visitor's badge.
    7. Enjoy your experience!
    Volunteers make a difference in our students' lives and play an invaluable role in their education and development. Students' behaviors improve drastically when they know their parents or other interested parties are a part of the school.
    Volunteering can occur in various capacities throughout the school year. It includes participation in PTA and Local School Council meetings to assist the school in its progress toward excellence.
    Volunteers can help with a wide variety of activities and tasks, in many places at Fred Armon Toomer Elementary School, such as:
    • Homeroom Classrooms
    • Enrichment and Tutoring Activities
    • Library Media Center 
    • Special Events @ Toomer ES
    • Field Trips
    • Literacy and Technology Lab
    • Reading 
    • Classroom preparation
    • Specials Classes: PE, Art, Music,  & Mandarin Chinese
    • PTA Sponsored Events and Tasks
    • And many more!
    Want to get involved?
    Find out how you can help, contact Fred Armon Toomer Elementary School's Main Office or our PTA.