Transportation Change?

  • In order to change a child's dismissal, you will need to email the following. 

    • Email -
      • This email address is automatically forwarded to Robin Dease,  Aniece Lynwood, Tekemah Green and Jennifer Peebles.  Our secretaries will make sure that our teachers receive the transportation change so kids can get home the correct way.  Remember this is for a temporary one day transportation change.  If you email saying your child will have a transportation change on Wednesday the school will make sure the teacher and the students knows how they will go home for that one day.  The following Wednesday it will revert back to the original permanent transportation card for that day.  If you need a PERMANENT Transportation Change, you will need to email letting us know that your child will have a permanent change on their transportation card.                                                                                                  
      • Email your child's homeroom teacher.  (Please remember that our teachers are teaching throughout the day.  This means they may not see your email)  It is very important that you email in addition to your child's teacher. 
    • Once we confirm your request for a temporary transportation change, your child's teacher will recieve a "Temporary Transportation Card" that will show how your child will go home for that day and that day only. 


Transportation Codes

  • On any given day SPARK can have 100s of transportation changes.  In order to help us manage those changes,  we need your help!

    Every child at SPARK receives a "bag tag" that is placed on their backpack.  That backpack has what we refer to as a "Permanent Transportation Card".  The permanent transportation card is broken down into each day of the week.  You will mark how your child will be dismissed in the afternoon on each day of the week. See the codes below.....