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    The Governor's Office of Student Achievement named Inman a Platinum Award Winner in the 2008 Single Statewide Accountability System. Inman is only one of nine Georgia middle schools to receive this honor.

    Superintendent Kathy Cox and the Georgia Department of Education awarded Inman THREE Superintendent's Distin-guished Achievement Awards for ex-emplary performance on the 2008 CRCT. Inman received these awards for Achievement in Grade 6 Science; Achieve-ment in Grade 8 Reading; and Achievement in Grade 8 Social Studies.

    The Georgia Department of Education honored Inman for achieving AYP for the sixth consecutive year.

    Inman took 1st Place in the Georgia Tech Women's 2nd Annual Basketball Reading Contest. Inman as a school had the highest total number of pages read.

    Inman was selected to participate in the Alliance for a Healthier School's Program, a joint initiative of the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation. This year, Inman is implement-ing the Eat Fit and Keep Moving pro-gram.

    Inman leads the way for APS middle schools with a fully implemented High School Accelerated Math 1 Curriculum. Inman also offers Advanced Foreign Language classes.

    Over 50 local authors, writers and journal-ists presented for Inman's 18th Annual Writer's Workshop. All Inman students participated in this workshop, which is de-signed to stimulate student interest in writ-ten communications.

    For the fourth consecutive year, GOAL offered selected 6th grade Inman girls the opportunity to participate in weekly sessions of interactive, fun activities from the GOAL Core Curriculum.

    Members of the original Tuskegee Air-men visited Inman. They shared their per-sonal narratives of World War II with all Inman students.
    Our Faculty and Staff

    For the second consecutive year, Gover-nor Sonny Perdue and Georgia's State School Superintendent Kathy Cox recog-nized Dr. Bockman as a "High Perform-ance Principal." This recognition is based solely on data evidencing a principal's effec-tiveness in the academic improvement of his/her school for at least three consecutive years.

    Two Inman teachers, Kelly Schlegel (7th grade science) and Tracy Wilson (7th grade math), were awarded 2009 Atlanta Families' Awards for Excellence in Education. Recipients were chosen based on quantitative evidence of student achieve-ment, qualitative evidence of increased stu-dent self-esteem and strong evidence of col-laboration with key stakeholders.

    Inman teachers were awarded five 2008 - 2009 CINS "Excellence in Education" grants: Kelly Schlegel and Pam Andrews for GEMS Club (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science); Sheila Houston for Project Music Education; Candice Price for Teach-ing and Learning Using the Digital Camera; Julia Dalbom for Foreign Language and Foreign Studies; and Ettienne Godfrey for GAA Curriculum Support

Last Modified on August 28, 2011