• Welcome to 4th Grade

    Mrs. Baskerville

    Ms. Cofield

    Ms. Mulholland

    Ms. Mussenden


    We are also pleased to inform you that this year school uniforms will be mandatory.  The uniforms consist of Khaki pants or shorts and skirts, skorts or jumpers with white, green or gold shirts. Please make plans to purchase a school uniform for your child. This dress code will be enforced throughout the year.

    While more in-depth information will be forthcoming regarding policies and procedures, we ask that you review the student handbook for general information.  


    We expect that each child conducts themselves as ladies and gentlemen at school each day. We know that you have done your absolute best to raise your children to be respectful and respectable and we assure you we will support your efforts.



    We expect children to follow all school rules every day. The classroom rules are as follows:

    1. Follow directions the first time given
    2. Raise your hand before walking or talking
    3. Keep hands feet and all other objects to yourself
    4. Respect yourself and others


    Students will be given homework each night. Please make sure that your child completes all of his/ her homework. 


    There can be no celebrations in the classroom during instructional time. You may bring in food during the lunch period only.

    Educationally Yours,

    The Fourth Grade Team