• EPA Visits Brandon!

    Third grade students at Morris Brandon Elementary School got to celebrate Environmental Awareness Day with visitors from the EPA. Children traveled to different stations in which EPA staff members directed. Students learned all about the wetlands all over America. There are many kinds of wetlands habitats all over our country so we learned about the different types of wetlands we have. Kids learned how to take care of our remaining wetlands and to preserve wildlife habitats. In another room, kids were shown a weather machine that could be bolted to the ground outside. It measured many things like rainfall, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and air pressure. This room was all about our air and atmosphere. In our last activity children were taught all about being healthy in reference to asthma. They learned about staying away from smokers, keeping their homes clean of fine particulates and how to deal with insects that may trigger an asthma problem. It was a great day learning about air, water, and our own health. Check out our photo gallery for pictures!