• Curriculum at Rivers 

    The core subjects taught at E. Rivers are language arts, math, science and social studies. A variety of methods are used to deliver instruction both innovative and traditional, all being taught within the International Baccalaureate framework:
    • Language arts are taught utilizing a combination of methodologies such as phonics (e.g. sound and letter recognition), whole language (discussion and reading, writing, invented spelling, etc). We take a “balanced literacy” approach to teaching language arts.
    • Math is taught using a hands on approach where the students can relate theory to practical application. This is done by using manipulatives – physical tools that students can use to actually model the problem at hand
    • Science is also taught using a hands-on approach with a varied experiential program at all grade levels.
    • Social studies are taught with an understanding of the social and cultural context of teaching and learning. Cooperation and interactive activities are featured in Social Studies along with the reading and writing about the world and US history.

    In all classes, teachers teach with the knowledge that students have many different learning styles and capabilities. Hence, teachers strive to recognize each child’s ability level and challenge him or her accordingly providing guidance in order to grow to new levels of competency. Each classroom at E. Rivers is a motivating environment where children are encouraged to seek their best educational efforts.

    Rivers’ Challenge Program services are available to students meeting Placement Criteria in the First through Fifth Grades.

    Other subjects taught by classroom teachers include health, character development, music, art, science lab, and P.E. The use of technology is integrated throughout many of these classroom-learning experiences. For instance, the teaching of writing and Spanish are interactively assisted via the use of computers.

    Source:  www.eriverselementary.com