• Welcome to Ms. Corey's 8th Grade Physical Science Class.
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    Scroll Down to access to Powerpoints for Class Notes and Project Rubrics.
    Click here for Work and Simple Machines Powerpoint.
    Click here for Simple Machines Virtual Lab.
    Click here for Element Baby Book Project Directions - Due - Friday, October 21, 2016.
    Click here for Structure of Matter Powerpoint.
    Click here for Chemical and Physical Properties Powerpoint.
    Click here for Chemical and Physical Changes Powerpoint.
    Click here for States of Matter Webquest.
    Click here for Phases of Matter and Phase Changes Powerpoint.
     Watch the following video clip on particle movement in solids, liquids and gases.

    Click here for Bohr Model Powerpoint.
    Click here for Law of Conservation of Mass Powerpoint.
    Click here for Law of Conservation of Mass Notes Sheet.
    Click here for Periodic Table Powerpoint.
    Click here for Periodic Table Notes Sheet.
    Click here for Energy and Energy Transformation Powerpoint.
    Click here for Energy Transformation Webquest (study guide for Semester 1 final).
    Click here for Heat Transfer Powerpoint.
    Click here for Heat Transfer Notes Sheet.
    Click here for Practice for Constructed Response for Energy Test.
    Click here for Electricity Powerpoint.
    Click here for Static Electricity Powerpoint.
    Class Websites:

    Click here for access to Georgia 8th Grade Science additional reading resources.
    Click here for access to online textbook.
    Click here to view electric train video. 
    Our Class is always in need of:
    Kleenex Tissues
    Wet Wipes
    Notebook Paper
    Copier Paper
    Construction Paper
    Mark A. Hicks, illustrator (spinning globe)