Vivian Butler

    “When we as teachers recognize that we are partners with our students in life’s long and complex journey, when we begin to treat students with the dignity and respect they deserve for simply being, then we are on the  road to becoming worthy teachers.  It is just that simple, and just that difficult.” 

    This statement expresses my teaching philosophy best because I believe that a good teacher recognizes each student’s potential and knows how to make it blossom and flourish.  As a teacher, I must continue find a better way, a way that builds on strengths, experiences, skills and abilities.  To get the best out of each child, I must discover what interests or motivates him or her and what makes that child tick.  Many say that learning should be fun, but fun can sometimes be distracting.  As a teacher I must create, a learning environment where learning can be engaging, amazing, involving, and often deeply pleasurable.  These qualities are essential to my teaching, which will then translate to my students. 


    Miami Lakes Senior High School (Miami, Florida) 

    Barry University (Miami, Florida) B.A., Elementary Education

    Contact Information:
    Cascade Elementary School
    2326 Venetian Drive SW
    Atlanta, GA 30311