Ann Thomas-Davis

  • My Philosophy of Education
    I am a believer that students’ possibilities are endless.  I often find myself preaching this to my students during music instruction. I grew up on Chicago’s West side in a very poor, crime-ridden neighborhood, where the possibilities did seem endless to those who let the negative elements of the neighborhood direct and consume their destiny. 

                My parents were primarily responsible for instilling in me the belief that you can be “on the West side but not of the West side”. I find myself repeating this mantra to students to let them know that they are the authors of their own book and that they should not let those negative influences consume them, control them, or limit their possibilities.

                Through my teaching and my mentoring by world renowned educator Mrs. Marva Collins, I truly developed an appreciation and respect for different learning styles.  Mrs. Collins constantly pushed me and encouraged me to design activities that would address all learners’ needs.

                            I make a conscious effort of exposing children to music by making real world connections.  Whether it is a discussion on how symbols around us help us to understand our world in math, foreign languages, science, or an activity that directly exposes children to music of other cultures, I am constantly in search of ways to make musical connections.  It is through these connections that we retain information, we formulate our own ideas, and we evolve into creative global forces.

                I think all of us would like to be able to see the “fruits of our labor”, but many times, as an elementary school teacher, the fruits are still very much hidden.  I can only hope that my walk and talk are a clear example and an inspiration for students to follow. 

    “All of us…. Must realize that we are as bright as anyone else in the world….. We must realize that poverty has nothing to do with the mind. It is about getting children to think that they can. It’s about exposure to the world.”

    Marva Collins, Founder of Westside Preparatory School, Chicago, IL


    Educational Background:

    BA Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Vocal Performance- Clark Atlanta University- 1993

    MA Early Childhood Curriculum- Clark Atlanta University- 1996

    Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Child Law- Loyola University Chicago- 2003

    Georgia Certification :

    Pre-K- 5 Certification

    Music Certified for grades K-12


    Business Manager for APS Elementary Honor Chorus


    Contact Information:
    Cascade Elementary School
    2326 Venetian Drive SW
    Atlanta, GA 30311