Richard Winn, Jr.



    My philosophy about teaching is every student learns through their own individual learning style.  Students use their different academic strengths to process information.  I believe every student can learn.  The way they learn should not be a defined by one particular teaching style. 

    I am a firm believer of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  In order for a student to become successful academically their psychological, safety, love, and self- esteem, and self-actualization needs must be met.  As a teacher, I try to meet these basic needs so they can become productive citizens.  It is my belief that it is impossible for teachers to meet Maslow’s basic needs by themselves.  Parents, teachers and mentors must meet the needs of students to give them the best chance to become successful in life.




    Benjamin E. Mays High School (Atlanta Georgia)

    Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, Georgia)

    Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana)

    Cascade Elementary School (Teacher of the Year 2006-2007)


    Contact Information:
    Cascade Elementary School
    2326 Venetian Drive SW
    Atlanta, GA 30311