Cara Williamson


    It is my belief that teachers should provide an environment for children that is conducive to learning.  It must be one that is safe, full of respect, nurturing, and constant praise.  We as educators must seek out innovative techniques to make learning as fun and engaging as possible, while at the same time setting high expectations.  I believe that we have to make each child feel special, building self-esteem.  We must convince each child that he/she can and will learn.  Although I strongly believe that “Every Child Can Learn,” my philosophy goes beyond this concept.  Teachers must address the different learning styles of each student, giving them every opportunity to be as successful as possible.  We must also use varying motivational strategies to make each student want to learn.  Finally, I believe that teachers should be eternal students, taking on the responsibility to continue to learn.  Although there are different indicators and ways for measuring success, I consider myself successful when a child leaves my classroom and says “I believe in myself”.




    Frederick Douglass High School

    Spelman College

    Mercer University

    Troy State University

    National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc.

    (Teacher Sorority)

    Contact Information:
    Cascade Elementary School
    2326 Venetian Drive SW
    Atlanta, GA 30311