Welcome to B.E.S.T Academy Athletics
    Our Mission is to offer region and statewide athletic teams that reflect the interest of our students, faculty, and the community. All teams shall provide a worthwhile and positive experience for our students by teaching them the basic principles of excellent competition, fair play, and equal opportunity. The teams shall promote growth of our students in their mental, physical, social, and moral well-being. All of our efforts are guided by certain values we believe are essential to the fulfillment of the following tasks:
    Integrity is our destiny. It is the light that guides our way to success. All of our programs will be consistent with the policies of the Atlanta Board of Education, The Georgia High School Association, and the State Board of Education. We will be at all times, honest and forthright with each other, the administration, the parents, the student/athletes, the community. and the media. We acknowledge that athletic competition by its very nature, involves character development and for this reason, we will conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity.
    Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common goal/vision and the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward team objectives. We compete to win as individuals, as team members, as representatives of BEST Academy High School, and the Atlanta Board of Education. We clearly understand that the success of any one person is always the result of dedicated effort on the part of many people. As we are quick to recognize individual performance, we are quicker to celebrate and support the achievements of all of our team members and teams.
    Excellence is not doing something nearly right, it is doing something exactly right. Committment to excellence will distinguish our efforts in every sport in which we compete.
    Leadership is being the first to see the need, envisioning the plan, and empowering the team for action. We strive to maintain a model athletic program that our students, staff, parents, and community can be proud of. It is an abiding goal for all staff to foster the ideals, standards, and values that will enable our students to mature as leaders. Leadership in the development of our student/athletes underlies all of our endeavors and is of a high standard by which we as BEST Academy Eagles measure ourselves.
     Joshua Moore
    Athletic Director