• Dr. Reginald Johnson
    Dr. Reginald L.  Johnson is currently a Special Education Lead Teacher at B.E.S.T. Academy High School and CSK High School.   Dr. Johnson is certified in special education and highly qualified in Math, Science, and Language Arts. He’s been an educator for 11 years and taught Math and Science while in the classroom.   From youth, high school, and collegiate sports organizations, he has been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of his students. He also served as an educational consultant for technology integration and curriculum development for several school districts over the years.

    Dr. Johnson ascribes to the belief that the cultivation of excellence is an ongoing experience for his students and himself. One of his long term goals, establish a youth mentoring organization that offer students long term academic support and character education.  Dr. Johnson is married to Angela R. Johnson with three children; Courtney Johnson, Alexis Johnson, and Reginald L. Johnson II.