My name is Kimberly Johnson and I am your child’s Gifted Teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome those of you who are new and those of you who are returning to the program!! I am very excited about working with your child this year!  Along with your child’s general education teacher, I will be offering enriched experiences through various learning styles, differentiation, technology and project-based learning.                                                                 


    Atlanta Public Schools remains committed to improving achievement for all students. Our Gifted  students will be served 1 segment (full day) per week in the gifted classroom.  The Gifted Program is designed to deliver rigorous and relevant curriculum to students in all grades to accommodate for their range of academic and intellectual needs.  This program is designed to deliver gifted and talented pedagogy in order to increase critical thinking skills and to expose gifted students to strategies and resources that enrich their mental ability, motivation, creativity and academic achievement. 

    One of my goals as a teacher is to help your child discover his or her individuality. I encourage hands-on experiences, learning creatively, and learning through exploration. I would also like to create a community of learners who are committed to working hard and having fun. I want students to leave my classroom feeling confident that they can apply what they’ve learned in school to real-life situations. It is desire that my students feel challenged with an enhanced passion for learning.  Finally, I want my students to think outside and beyond the box. 


    Name: Kimberly Johnson
    Email Address: kimberly.johnson@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    Phone number:  404.802.7650


    Vision: At Hutchinson, the vision of the program is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop their intellectual, creative, artistic, and leadership skills and be provided an accelerated, rigorous, advanced content curriculum and learning experiences so that the best and brightest graduates of APS are ready to compete in the global society of the 21stCentury. 

    Our effort is to provide a learning environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity, encourages risk-taking, independence, innovation, and commitment to a tradition of academic excellence and social responsibility.

    To this end we work to provide advanced critical thinking, communication, and research and reference skills by utilizing work units, activities and academic skills to enhance and strengthen the students overall learning.

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